"This was my first year with you but it won't be my last, I am thrilled with the service!" - A. Shapiro
"I am not a Dime player but I still made $$, Thanks for a great year!" - M. Weiss
"I think you do a brilliant job with the handicapping!  Keep it up!" - C. Murphy
"We won but I wanted to let you know that even if we had lost, your handicapping was right on the money.  Keep up the good work!" - Fast Eddie
"Right out of the gate - that was a great weekend - thanks Possum" - K. Jacobs
"I am glad to know your money is out on the plays too.  A lot of the others don't play what they preach" - R.J. Washington
"You have a gift Mr. Possum and thanks for letting me make money from it" - J. Kulla
"Let's keep owning the cash cage together great job" - J. Reed
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