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Inter Sanctum Club:

What is the inter-sanctum?
Great question!  If you are a 5 dime player ($5,000) or more then this is for your eyes!

We give you our inter-sanctum plays of the day, when we win you pay us 30% commission.  However since this is over the web we require commission up front via paypal and if we lose your money will be refunded.  You never pay us unless we win!  We have always done this in a face to face manor at the sportsbook but decided to open this up to our web based friends.  This only works if you are honest with your wagering (donít lowball just to pay less $$ in commission) as we still need money management to be successful a.k.a some games we are going to bet more on.  You tell us what you normally play per game and we work with you to make the whole weekend work.  Any questions we can talk live on the phone or email about this service or if you are making big wagers I would be glad to meet you in Vegas for the WINNING weekend!

Regular Services:
What Do I get?
You get personalized attention from The Possum.
This means each week (Thursday's) The Possum will send you an e-mail with his Personal Plays.  There is full analysis of trends and angles on each play, letting you know why The Possum is putting his money on these games!

NFL - Usually The Possum plays 1 to 4 Sides and 1 to 4 Totals on a given Sunday.  With the Season Package you will get all of The Possum's Plays from the Preseason all the way through the Super Bowl!

College - Usually The Possum plays 1 to 5 games on a given Saturday.  With the Season Package you will get all of The Possum's Plays from week 1 through the BCS Championship game!

Unlike many other cappers The Possum wagers on all the games he tells you to play.

The Possum will always be available to answer emails.

Pay before the Preseason and get Preseason angles and trends to help build your bankroll!
Don't be road kill and go it alone.  Sign up for one of the Possum's Personal Service Packages!

What can I sign up for?

NFL Preseason Package

NFL Preseason GUARANTEE Package - We profit in NFLX or you get the NFL season FREE!!!

NFL Month or College Month Package

Premium Package (Month of NFL and College)

NFL Season Package (Preseason to the SB!)

College Season Package (Week 1 to the BCS Championship Game!)

Platinum Package (Season of NFL and College)

Email The Possum at for other billing options.
Pay The Possum securely with any major credit card through PayPal!